FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The material is concrete mixed in right proportions with sand (Base Coat) and plain concrete (Finish Coat)

No. This is not epoxy based. This is actual concrete, which is mixed with a polymer

  1. The first step is to prepare base given by the client. We grind the base if needed and apply coat of Primer with sand. This helps the base to grip our Microtopping material well.

  2. Once it has dried, we sand off the excess sand. After sanding, we apply 1st Base Coat and allow it to dry

  3. After the base coat has completely dried, we sand off excess material and level the base coat. Once that is done, we apply another layer of Base Coat. This second coat gives strength to the Microtopping as well as creates a better level. Again we allow the second base coat to dry

  4. We then sand off the 2nd base coat. Once that is done, we apply Finish coat to make the surface smoother. Once it is applied, it is allowed to dry

  5. Once it has dried, we again sand the finish coat. After sanding we get the smooth effect. Then, we apply a PU Sealer, which acts as a coating to stop the concrete from absorbing anything. After it dries, we apply another layer of PU Sealer

  6. The final process if to buff the sealer so that the sealer is evenly spread and the surface becomes smooth

  1. There are 4 components in MicroTopping – Base Coat, Finish Coat, Polymer and PU Sealer

  2. The Base Coat and Finish Coat come in a powder format, whereas the polymer and PU Sealer come in a liquid format

  1. Unlike IPS, this does not crack, which is it’s biggest strength

  2. This can go seamless for any kind of area. No break joins are needed

  3. This does not need curing like IPS. The polymer self cures the concrete. Hence it is ready to use in about 7-10 days time

  4. Unlike IPS this is lightweight. It only adds 2.5mm layer over the existing surface. Hence this is also great for renovations

  5. This is such a versatile material that it can be used anywhere unlike IPS

Your creativity is the limit for Microtopping. It can be used for Floors, Walls, Interiors, Exteriors, Furniture, Steps, Elevation, Wash Basins, Terraces, Lights, decorative purposes etc.

  1. The natural colours we get from the company is White and Grey

  2. We could add any colour pigments in them and achieve any colour that you may need

You can maintain this like any other floor. You can easily mop it and keep it clean. Do not use acid for cleaning as it might spoil the PU Sealer

It does not scratch under normal circumstances. Though it must be treated like you would maintain wooden flooring. Microtopping cannot be compared with tile or marble in terms of hardness. All the moving furniture must have rubber bushes as base and not hard metal or plastic. It might damage the floor

  1. This is a 100% Italian material. We do not use anything local. The cost of manufacturing in Italy is always higher compared to other Asian countries

  2. The duty of import from Italy is little higher than importing from a SAARC nation

  3. A little royalty also is charged because of the R&D done by the company to come up with such a unique product, which has no comparison in the whole world

If proper care is taken, this product can last for 10-15 years easily. Infact the more you use it, the better it becomes. Maybe after 5 years, a recoat of sealer and buffing would be great, though it is not a compulsion