– a treat for any surface!

MICROTOPPING is perfect for anyone who is looking for a unique and elegant finish, a continuous and extremely solid surface that can give any space depth, light and harmony, all at the same time. Microtopping was originally used as a replacement for concrete because of its numerous advantages – it can be applied at reduced thicknesses, adheres firmly to the underlying surface and is simple and quick to install. Now it can be adapted beautifully to any environment, bestowing an original and unrepeatable touch as it is laid by hand by expert craftsmen. Microtopping can lend character to modern, minimalist spaces, or bring discreet sophistication with classic, rustic or antique finishes to existing property. You can personalise it to your own style, choosing the colour scheme you prefer and adding shiny, cloudy or variegated effects to make it exactly as you like. It is a compound of cement and polymers specifically designed for interior and exterior decorative finishes. For any surface that needs to be covered, renovated or created from zero, Microtopping bestows an extremely sophisticated effect with great architectural value through cement based finishes that are created by hand. All this with a thickness of just 2.5-3 millimetres. It is perfect for private homes, businesses, showrooms or exterior areas, be it for poolside or restaurant, store or shopping centre. Microtopping is equally perfect for coating vertical surfaces, such as plasterboard walls or masonry on stairs, in bathrooms or showers.

The material does not contain solvents harmful to health, it does not emit formaldehyde or other toxic substances and has a low impact on the environment due to its water based formulation. It does not release any harmful substances into the atmosphere. Moreover, as a thin coat, low material usage option Microtopping is a ‘green’ and eco-friendly material with minimal environmental impact as it involves greatly reduced shipping of bulk materials, no strenuous procedures for loading and unloading and, no dirty construction waste.

Features of Microtopping

  • Seamless flooring for as much area you want. No need to give joins unlike traditional IPS/ concrete flooring
  • Inspite of being concrete, it does not crack
  • A site can be completed and ready to use within 7 days. No need for curing at all
  • 100% Italian product
  • Only 2.5-3mm layer - great for renovation and fresh selection
  • Multiple colour options, though grey is the most widely selected
  • Extremely versatile material. Can be used for – walls, floors, furniture, steps, ceilings, exteriors etc. Creativity is the limit